Niam one shot - Sexual Habits.

sort of smut but not really?

idk, enjoy x

"I love you." Liam panted, slicking his hair behind his ears and away from his sweaty forhead. Niall lay closely next to him, stripped of all clothing. Their bodies pressed together, creating a loving warmth. Nestling closer to Liam, Niall planted a soft kiss to his chest.

"I love… you too." Niall’s voice hitched as he tried to regain his breath. Blonde strands of hair stuck against his forhead as beads of sweat formed above his brow. Liam snaked his bare arms around Niall’s exposed torso and pulled him impossibly closer. Letting sleep wash over him, Niall let his eyelids flutter shut. Skin to skin, the pair slept. Subconsciencely nuzzling closer whenever they felt cold, planting lingering kisses on the others cheek. 


"Niall." Liam moaned, throwing his head back in pleasure as the Irish lad worked his tongue around his boyfriends package. His breathing heavy and hitched. The shaggy strands of hair atop Niall’s head grazed across Liam’s bare stomach, adding to the pleasure he was receiving. Feeling his whole body tense, he tangled his fingers in Niall’s hair and tugged on it. Just how Niall liked it, causing him to moan onto Liam’s length. And just like that, Niall swallowed the whole load down his throat before clambering up to cuddle with his writing boyfriend.


"Liam your bruise is showing." Niall smirked, leaning forward to reposition the knitted scarf around Liam’s neck. Still, a flash of reddish purple was noticable above the cream coloured fabric tangled around his neck.

"I said not on my neck, Niall" Liam groaned stifling his ever-growing smile.

"You loved it." Niall protested, leaning back in his seat and shuffling around to get comfortable. Niall remembered how he’d pinned Liam to the floor and ran his tongue over the skin of his neck. How he’d teasingly added teeth, nipping at the flesh. Slowly started to suck and grinning as the moans wracked Liam’s body.

"It means you’re mine." Niall reminded him.



"Stop it." Niall hissed, nudging Liam in the arm. He placed his hands over his crotch as he tried to turn his attention away from Liam.

"No." Liam quipped, smiling wickedly. 

The interviewer smirked knowingly at Niall as he tried to hide his growing problem. Lightly, Liam ran his finger down Niall’s spine. A grin tugged on his lips as he noted how the hairs on Niall’s back stood. While the camera was trained on Louis and Zayn, Liam leaned forward and shot Niall an all to clear expression.

Tonight I’m in charge

And oh god, Niall couldn’t take this. Harry trained his gaze on the suprisingly rebellious Liam and shook his head.

"Stop." He mouthed although he couldn’t help but giggle at Niall’s awkward situation.

"I’m really sorry but I’m gonna have to go the loo." Niall announced as he quickly rushed towards the door, clumsily tripping over a wooden stool and he tried to maneouvor around it.

Door shut. Light on. Pants down. And release.


Liam kept his promise. Tonight he was in charge.

"Oh god Liam, please." Niall whimpered. Whimpered. The blonde boy lay on the creaking matress, his arms secured to the railings on the headboard by Liam’s belt. Liam hovered over him, teasing him with chaste kisses and touches with his hot tongue. Niall writhed underneath him, his hair tousled and his cheeks flushed a light pink colour. He gripped the railings with his bound hands until his knuckles turned white.

"Hm?" Liam smirked, leaning forward to Niall’s neck and running his slippery tongue across the skin.

"Liam please." He begged, trying desperately to buck his hips against Liam’s.

"You should have said." Liam whispered into his ear before tugging at Niall’s earlobe with his teeth. He kissed down the Irish lads chest untill he reached his lower abdomen. With Niall being extremely responsive, he thrust his hips towards Liam’s face. Resisting the urge, Liam pulled away and simply watched as Niall grew achingly harder. As he screwed his eyes shut and writhed beneath him. As he tried in vain to tug out of his restraints and do the job himself.

"Liam." He groaned, exasperated. "Please."

The crack in Niall’s beg was too much for Liam to handle, he positioned himself by Niall’s entrance and pushed in slowly.

"God I love you." Was the last sentence Niall was able to formulate.


The alcohol was definitely apparant in Niall’s glazed eyes as he forced himself onto Liam.

"Let’s do it, babe." His words were slurred as Liam smirked at him.

"No, you’re going to sleep." Liam chuckled, gently removing Niall’s clothes before helping him into his one peice. Niall leant forward to press a sloppy kiss on Liam’s lips, the smell of alcohol on his breath intoxicating.

"Niall!" Liam sighed, pushing his drunked boyfriend gently away.

"You’re too drunk, come on."

"But I want to touch you, Liam." Niall groaned, fiddling with the zipper on his one peice.

"Tomorrow, babe." Liam promised, sweeping the blonde locks from Niall’s eyes.

Liam ushered the stumbling boy up the stairs and into their dimly lit bedroom. Scooping him up bridal style, Liam placed the Irish lad onto their double bed before tucking him in. Niall protested by flinging the sheets off himself and ineptly reach down to his lower regions and panicking when he realised he couldn’t pull down his bottoms.

"Niall." Liam said, taking his boyfriends hands. "Niall you’ve got a one peice on."

"Liam my pants aren’t working." He slurred, furrowing his brows as he tugged on the fabric of his one peice.

"I know, shh." Liam cooed, pushing Niall down to lay on the feather filled pillows. Holding him down, Liam slipped in behind him and pressed a sweet kiss in the nape of Niall’s neck.

"Liam?" Niall hiccuped.


"I love you lots."

"I love you too."

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